SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — As cosmetic surgery continues to rise in popularity, more are aware of the skill and quality of Korean procedures. TL Plastic Surgery’s Dr. Choi Sewoo, expands on the need for quality surgeons with 1-on-1 consults.

Dr. Choi Sewoon, the facial contouring specialist at TL Plastic Surgery, said, "Facial contouring provides options to modify the facial structure – cheekbone reduction, square jaw reduction, and genioplasty. Since this is a high-level surgery reseting facial bones where vascular tissues and nerve lines are located, it must be conducted accurately by a specialist plastic surgeon with extensive experience, and it is best to do it at a hospital that provides 1-on-1 tailored surgery." The doctor also noted "as facial contouring is conducted with general anesthesia, a hospital with the systematic safety system, residing anesthesiologist and follow-up management program can prevent side effects, and the patient can experience the best results."

Finding a rhionoplasty surgeon who is the best fit, rather than finding a popular hospital that offers rhinoplasty, working with the surgeon on the line of the nose which is most suitable for the patient while balancing out the careers and experience of the surgeons to ensure success.

At TL Plastic Surgery, a leading Korean hospital for plastic surgery, individually tailored surgery is conducted with the introduction of a 1-on-1 exclusive system where facial contouring specialists with abundant clinical experience and several years of skill directly counsel and check the surgery and the progress post-surgery, and it has constructed a systematic medical system where specialists of anesthesiology reside; monitoring during surgery; and aftercare system to help with patients needs. As TL Plastic Surgery was re-designated as Korean Accreditation Program for Hospitals Serving Foreign Patients, it has become a leader for Korean plastic surgery.

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Melissa Moon

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