With 2,030 Participants Looking for Differentiated and Customized Healing Methods, Specialized Healing Products and Services in One Place

Period: April 6 (Fri.) – 8 (Sun.) 2018 (3 days)

Venue: aT Center, Yangjae district of Seoul

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The Healing Fair 2018 – Healing Brand Fair & Healing Life Fair ("Healing Fair 2018") will run for three days April 6~8 at aT Center in Seoul’s Yangjae district.

Hosted by the Healing Industry Association and Ez Worldwide, an exhibition planning company under the supervision of Ez pmp, Healing Fair 2018 is Korea’s first and only healing-themed fair featuring outstanding products and services to advance new trends in the healing industry and culture.

Healing Product Collections, Find Your Own Healing Products!

At last year’s event, around 100 companies submitted products and 30,000 people visited. The event’s five theme zones comprised those for healing food, beauty, play, city and tours, and living; leading companies in each field introduced their excellent products and services. Not only did the fair result in changes in the marketing of specialized healing products, but it also allowed sales and introductions of various healing products and services to 2,030 participants.

In addition, the Chuncheon Bioindustry Foundation, one of the event’s official sponsors, ran a special zone with seven healing companies; domestic small companies specializing in beauty and food also displayed their products.

Other sponsors included Seocho-gu Office, the Korea Foundation of Micro Enterprise, CJ Health Care (Barley Sprout), THE OOZOO, Meditation and Athlete Fitness Wear from Korea and Organic EXPO Japan and Japan Healing Fair sponsor from abroad. A discussion among Korea, Japan, the U.K. and Australia also dealt with partnerships with global healing-related events.

Experience and Compare Healing Solutions in One Place!

Healing Life Fair caters to both participating companies and visitors through interactive programs signs and events in which visitors in their 20s and 30s can experience and compare healing solutions suitable for themselves. Among them are Healing Stage, an instructional program for yoga, meditation, Pilates and fitness with experts; Healing Class that can heal the mind with food, flowers, perfume and hobbies; and one-on-one conferences and healing seminars.

For more information about participating in and visiting Healing Fair 2018, click the official website (www.healingfair.co.kr) or call the Healing Fair Secretariat (T. +82-2-3475-2670).

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