SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Once a certain plastic surgery is commonly practiced, it is very much likely to see people considering revision surgery after some time. When breast surgery started to get popular, people used saline breast implants, size of which reduces over time, making breasts smaller or asymmetrical. They naturally come to seek revision surgery.

Dr. Yim Joonghyuk of TL Plastic Surgery, South Korea

Dr. Yim Joonghyuk of TL Plastic Surgery, South Korea

Also, in the case of silicone and cohesive gel implants, risks such as asymmetry in shape, capsular contracture and/or damaged implants will result in need of a revision surgery. Recently, breast implants have advanced so much that ruptured or damaged implants are less likely to occur and their feeling of touch and look after the surgery has quite improved. The surgery techniques have also advanced. In short, the previous burden of breast surgery complications is minimized, which makes it possible to reflect most of patients’ various and detailed preferences.

Dr Yim Joonghyuk of TL Plastic Surgery, who has done numerous breast surgeries ever since the surgery had gained popularity, said the number of people considering breast revision has increased dramatically in the last few years. He also said that revision surgery is not just a treatment for the patient’s body, but also a healing process for the psychological burden of the patient, which is the very reason why he is very careful with surgeries. He also added, "The most critical consideration is to figure out the complicated causes from the previous surgery and to apply the appropriate revision surgery method accordingly. Moreover, while the current techniques have become diverse and complementary to all the previous risks, the most important consideration is to choose the doctor with expertise who is fully aware of each implant’s characteristics and therefore can suggest the best choice for each patient."

The revision surgery is more difficult than primary surgery. The breast implant needs to be carefully removed along with the surrounding capsule and the room for the implant needs to be made once more. The insertion and placement of the implant is important and needs to be placed accurately. Therefore, many people prefer a clinic with HD endoscopy for more careful and precise surgery and to prevent additional revision surgery in the future.

The doctor recommends patients to have plenty of rest after the surgery, especially for physical strength, to prevent possibilities of further revision surgery. To conclude with, he stresses that patients need to consult regularly with the doctor who has done the surgery, observing over the progress with proper post-operative care and well-maintenance of their breasts.

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