TOKYO, Feb. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Genesis Healthcare Co., Japan’s pioneer genetic testing and research company, has completed a third-party equity allocation to Rakuten, Inc. (TSE: 4755) and Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd. Genesis’ Capital has increased to 3.78 billion yen, and Genesis’ post-money valuation is approximately 42 billion yen (*1).

As the market leader in the genetic testing and research field in Japan, Genesis has actively pursued development of the Japanese scientific landscape through numerous R&D, product development, awareness raising via human resource development and advanced education, and genetic data translation into useful solutions. As of today, the company’s Japanese genetic data platform exceeds 550,000 individuals, the largest in Japan and potentially in Asia. In 2018, Genesis aims to accumulate data of 1 million people, or 1% of the population in Japan.

This will be Rakuten’s second investment since its initial investment in August 2017. Rakuten’s commitment to assist in the development and advancement of genetic technology and its useful applications in healthcare is a novel approach to fostering innovation.

Secondly, Omron Healthcare and Genesis have formed a partnership since 2014. Both companies jointly developed a personalized health solution business model combining a genetic test kit from Genesis and digital health wearables from Omron Healthcare. The new capital will further strengthen the partnership as the addition of biometric information such as blood pressure from Omron’s precision wearable devices will maximize the utility of Genesis’ genetic data-sharing platform. By analyzing various data, both Omron Healthcare and Genesis will develop and provide services to predict in advance future severe illness, treatment to prevent the onset of the disease, and guidance on health management. Together, the two companies will work to promote and realize ideal solutions for personalized healthcare.

(*1) The equity value is based on the latest financing stock price of Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd. multiplied by the total number of issued shares.

As a leading company in the genetic field in Japan, Genesis will continue to pursue the development of genetic research and tests in Japan and then explore the market worldwide.

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