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      Baby Baby Fair , South East Asia’s next Biggest Baby Fair, Indonesia Edition

      Event name : Baby Baby Fair , South East Asia’s next Biggest Baby Fair, Indonesia Edition Event date : 17 – 19 February 2017 Venue: Assembly Hall 1,2,3 & Lobby Jakarta Convention Center Indonesia Event website : http://www.babybaby.co.id Contact person : Mr. Tamboen Bangoen Contact email tambun@sphereexhibits.com Contact phone +62 81216174095 Supported by Ministry of …

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      SmartKids Asia, Asia’s LARGEST Educational Kids’ Fair, Indonesia Edition

      Event name: SmartKids Asia, Asia’s LARGEST Educational Kids’ Fair, Indonesia Edition Event date: 17 – 19 February 2017 Venue: Assembly Hall 1,2,3 & Lobby Jakarta Convention Center Indonesia Event website: http://www.smartkidsasia.co.id Contact person: Mr. Tamboen Bangoen Contact email tambun@sphereexhibits.com Contact phone +62 81216174095 Supported by Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Woman and …

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      5 Great Reasons To Go Organic

      ‘’Let Nutrition be the medicine & medicine be the nutrition’’ For people who are not familiar with this influential quote yet, must read this article to understand the importance of organic food and its nutritional value in our lives! Irrespective of our diet, going for organic food can be a smart choice for our personal …

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      Work Stress Damaging Your Heart Health?

      Do you feel lethargic and stressed at your workplace? According to a recent report published by the US Health Department, job stress plays a vital role in increasing the possibilities of a heart stroke. It is frequently observed that cardiovascular health of a person with long working hours is at exacerbating risks of developing high …

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      Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

      What Is Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery? Coronary artery bypass surgery or Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) is performed to improve the supply of oxygenated blood to the heart muscle. Why Is CABG Performed? It is an open heart surgical procedure that aims to replace blocked or damaged arteries in a patient’s heart, caused by atherosclerosis …

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      Uterine Fibroids (or leiomyoma/myomata) are often described as the benign tumours that most commonly grow in the womb (uterus), or in rare cases, may originate in the ovary. These fibroids bear a resemblance to meatball-like protrusions. Causes: Growth Factors: It is contemplated that any variation in the growth factors or/and blood flow are likely to …

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      The colonoscopy test enables a doctor to get a detailed view of an individual’s colon (large intestines). This procedure is commonly used by a gastroenterologist to evaluate the patient’s Gastrointestinal symptoms, including abdominal pain, GI bleeding, or any changes in the bowel conducts. A doctor may also recommend colonoscopy test to a person with no …


      Leading global Investors Summit at UN for boosting clean energy

      Tackling climate change and transitioning to clean energy are the greatest economic challenges and opportunities in today’s investor climate. This was the agenda when more than 500 global financial leaders gathered at the United Nations in January to discuss the growing urgency of climate change and investor actions that are needed to mitigate escalating economic …

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      Honouring the pioneer generation of Singapore

      Singapore budget 2014 had assistance for businesses in the form of more value-creation activities, and support for the public in various forms. But the most important announcement, which also got the widest cheer, and highlights the Government’s commitment to build an inclusive society, is the Pioneer Generation Package (PGP), an $8 billion initiative to honour …

    • Never too late to pursue a passion

      Never too late to pursue a passion

      A group of Singaporean seniors are rediscovering their passions in life and acting on stage is just one of those  According to the latest statistics, the proportion of Singaporeans aged 65 and above reached 11.1% in 2012, up from 7.7% in 2001. Moreover, this figure is set to reach 20% by 2030. All this points …


      the BOSS SPEAKS

      Helping people realise their full health potential  is my goal Chiu Soon Seng, Managing Director of HAP Global The year was 2003 when Singapore witnessed it’s worst-ever SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) crisis. But it turned out to be blessing in disguise for Chiu Soon Seng, founder and managing director of HAP Global, a natural …

    • Own body fat for enhancement of body

      Own body fat for enhancement of body

      – aesthetic and reconstructive. The excess fat in the body is often viewed as unhealthy deposit that will distort the anatomy of the body making it disproportionate. In desperation the affected person would often seek medical solutions to get rid of these unsightly deposits so that a desirable body shape and contour can be achieved …

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      Laparoskopi & Perawatan Konservatif, Pilihan Terbaik Untuk Endometriosis. Endometriosis merupakan sebuah penyakit kronis yang disebabkan oleh sel-sel yang serupa dengan yang ada dalam saluran rahim ditemukan dalam lokasi yang tidak biasa di luar rahim dalam pelvis dan mengelilingi organ-organ reproduksi. Mempengaruhi 5-10% wanita pada usia reproduktif mereka, gejala-gejalanya termasuk dismenorea, dispareunia, nyeri pelvis kronis dan …

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      Life Continues After Breast Cancer

      It is sad that the incidences of breast cancers in Singapore as well as in many developing countries are on the rise. So much so that it has become the highest overall female cancers in Singapore with about 1,600 new cases each year. In the past, breast was deemed as the functional organ nurturing the babies but now this …

    • Computing  for Sustainability

      Computing for Sustainability

      Computers drive our world. Without them, our entire society would grind to a halt. They have become so ingrained in our lives for the past 30 years, we can’t imagine life without them. They are in our cars, phones, televisions and even in our simple appliances. All these computers generate a lot of electricity and electricity is powered by …

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      Buildings in Singapore to go Greener

      Authority (BCA) is developing the 3rd Green Building Masterplan to guide Singapore’s green building journey over the next five to ten years. This Masterplan has outlined a new vision for Singapore – to be a global leader in green buildings, with special expertise in the tropics and sub-tropics,” informed Lee Yi Shyan, Senior minister of …

    • Keeping your Hair Healthy

      Keeping your Hair Healthy

      Your hair is so much a part of yourself. How it looks can complement the other features of your face and body and add allure to your over-all personality. Naturally, you would want to keep it smooth, shiny, lustrous, sweet smelling and manageable. But, most days is a bad hair day for you!

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    • Natural Ways to Lower your Cholesterol Levels

      Your cholesterol level has hit the roof. A high cholesterol level is a risk for developing heart disease, heart attacks and strokes especially with pre-existing chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Statins – the most popular cholesterol lowering drugs – have undesirable side effects. You opt for natural ways.  Here is what you can …

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    • Dealing with Childhood Allergies

      Millions of children suffer from allergies and the amount of those affected is only rising. the number of allergies in children has doubled over the last decade. in families that are prone to allergies, it is important to take preventative measures to stop the allergies from developing at all.

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    • Night Sweats

      When it is not just due to hot summer nights. The symptoms of night sweats are a common outpatient complaint, but there are no data regarding its true actual frequency. For many, night sweats can be highly disruptive of sleep, especially when woken up in the middle of the night with your hair soaked, sheets …

    • The Importance of Regular Dental Screening

      The Importance of Regular Dental Screening

      You’re anxious to meet with your dentist! You have this pain at your upper gums that just won’t go away. It had been eons ago since you’ve gone for a dental screening. Regular dental screenings are important for the following reasons: ·         determine how healthy your teeth and gums are and consequently treat existing disease …

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      Stomach Cancer: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

      Stomach cancer is also known as gastric cancer.  It is a disease that is caused by an abnormal growth of cells in the stomach.  The cancer cells can develop throughout the stomach wall and can spread and affect the other organs in the body. Like other forms of cancer, gastric cancer affects more commonly older …

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      Beef Kueh Pie Tee

         Beef Kueh Pie Tee   Ingredients 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 medium size yellow onion, chopped 1 small green capsicum, remove seeds and diced 1 small red capsicum, remove seeds and diced 1 tablespoon oyster sauce 1/2 teaspoon dark soy sauce 300 grams beef brisket, cut into small cubes Salt and pepper to taste …

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      FRUIT GRANOLA TRIFLE 5 tablespoons granola 5 pieces strawberries, diced into chunks 8 orange slices 1 green apple, diced 250 grams peach yogurt   To assemble, layer a bowl with half the portion of Granolas and fruits and top up with half the portion of yogurt and repeat with the remainder. Serve.

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      SCHOOL HOLIDAYS’ SPECIAL The school holidays are around the corner, and this is the best time to indulge your children with the goodness of healthy home-cooked preparations. Irene Jansen shares with us two colourful and lip-smacking recipes that not only energizes your little ones, but will have them coming back for more!     CHICKEN …

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      Low Sperm Count in Men – Causes and Treatment

      Getting your partner or wife pregnant may be more difficult if you suffer from a condition called Oligozoospermia. Oligozoospermia is better known as low sperm count, and affects thousands of healthy men all over the world. Having such a condition may decrease the chances of pregnancy and cause frustration for the couple.

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      Keeping the female reproductive system healthy

      The female reproductive system is one of the systems in the body that serves many vital functions but hits a time limit in the long run. Unlike the male reproductive system, reproduction will cease when menopause is reached as a response to the decreasing oestrogen levels in the body. This is virtually impossible in men, …

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      Eating healthy to lose weight

      Weight has always been a daunting issue in today’s society. With the influx of stick- thin super models and chiselled abs and the likes, more people aim to look better and feel better. The importance placed on a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight has launched many people into trying to lose the excess pounds …

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      Anger management

      Anger is an intense emotional feeling that stems from frustration, threat, or disappointment. It is considered as a healthy emotional outlet as it enables the individual to express his/her feelings and reach a positive problem-solving approach. However, when anger becomes destructive, escalating to heights that makes the person feel that he/she should hurt something or …

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      The Health Promotion Board launches a free depression screening programme for residents within the community   The Health Promotion Board (HPB) and Ang Mo Kio-Hougang Citizens’ Consultative Committee is reaching out and making it easier for senior citizens to assess their state of mental health by bringing the professionals to their door-step through the launch …

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      The Dangers of Hypertension

      Hypertension or high blood pressure feature prominently in most health discussions.  Worldwide, it’s the most common disease that causes complications. Most people aren’t aware that this is of utmost concern. At early stages, it may be asymptomatic. But over time, it can ruin your heart and kidneys, and cause strokes and heart attacks.  

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      Treatment for Hypertension

        What do you do when your doctor finally diagnoses you with hypertension? Your doctor would have explained your ideal blood pressure and how to get you there.   Treatment Goals According to Mayo clinic the treatment goals of hypertension are the following: 140/90 mmHg or lower-for a healthy adult 130/80 mmHg or lower-for those …

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      Awesome Apricot!

      Apricots are more than just a sign of summer. These little, sunny gems are amongst some of the favourite foods of pursuers of a healthy lifestyle. Not a surprise, as apricots are chockablock with health enhancing benefits!  

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      Diet Pitfalls

      In a weight- obsessed world, there is a plethora of reasons as to why people go on a diet. Some are at an unhealthy weight and need to revamp their eating and exercise habits. Some want to be in top physical condition to be able to play their favourite sport optimally. Others may think they …

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    • Natural Home Remedies Straight from Your Own Kitchen

       Ginger and garlic do more than just flavour your food. They can treat common colds and keep mosquitoes away!                                                                     The ingredients in …

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       Saving our suffering planet does not mean taking radical steps. Start with the little things in your own home.                                                                   

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      How To Teach Your Kids Healthy Eating Habits

       Childhood obesity can be prevented. Teach your kid to forge a healthy realtionship with his food.                                                        Healthy eating habits in childhood lay the foundation for a long and healthy life. A person’s relationship with food is formed at infancy and carries through for life. Children that eat healthily have level moods, sharp minds …

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      How to detect Breast Cancer at an early stage?

      Every woman frets at the thought of contracting breast cancer. Early detection can however, go a long way in arresting the disease.     Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide and also in Singapore.   About 1,200 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed each year in Singapore and about 270 women …

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      Ways and means of Aesthetic Breast Enhancement

      It is a commonly accepted fact that apart from the functional aspects, breasts are organs of beauty and attraction. A woman suitably endowed with attractive and good sized breasts will exhibit self confidence and posture in the social circles.Therefore if this organ is under developed or subsequently becomes smaller, distorted or droop after pregnancy; it …

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      Beat the pain– have a healthy spine and brain!

      Beat the pain– have a healthy spine and brain!The fast paced modern lifestyle has taken its toll on human body, with neck and back pains becoming an ever-increasing problem. It’s estimated that while back pain affects nearly 80 percent of the entire adult population, almost 50 percent people experience neck pain. And this in turn …

    • endoscopy


      A safe and comfortable test that saves lives With an increasing number of patients suffering from gastrointestinal cancers, especially that of the esophagus, stomach and colon, the early detection of cancer has assumed utmost importance. One of the most reliable methods of screening for, or detecting such cancers is ‘endoscopy’. Dr Tan Chi Chiu, who …